As of today Finch is finally approaching the product we’ve wanted it to be since launching a rough and ready beta eighteen months ago, and I’m delighted to tell you why.

Simple pricing

The differences between our paid plans have long been the cause of confusion and frustration for users who want more than the free plan offers but aren’t sure which plan suits their needs. Over time we’ve rallied against this complexity by progressively simplifying the benefits of each plan and better explaining their differences, but the confusion was always still there.

There is now only one paid option: Premium. It costs the same as our previous entry-level plan (‘Green’) but has all the functionality, including unlimited usage, of our highest (‘Gold’). A year and a half of real-world usage by thousands of users has taught us that a low-cost, fully-featured Premium plan is something we can support, and we’re delighted to do so.

If you’re currently on any paid plan you won’t be automatically migrated to a Premium account so we strongly encourage you to switch today!

Simple usage

Today we’re launching a fast and simple desktop application available on Windows, Linux and OS X:

We’ve been testing the app for months and love it—with any luck you will too! It embodies the simplicity we’ve been striving for since launch and we’re thrilled to open up what Finch can do to a far wider audience than ever before. We’ll never abandon our command-line roots and the Node.js app will continue to be supported for those who wish to use it. You can download and use the new app straight away.

A lick of paint

In keeping with our newly simplified pricing and app we’ve refreshed the design of the website, tidied up a few loose ends and added support for some frequently requested features like an annual payment option, an open-source SDK and PDF copies of invoices, available within your Billing section for logged-in Premium users.

We’re not done yet…

The near future involves concentrating on improving and extending our core forwarding service; something which hasn’t fundamentally changed a great deal since launch. We’re hard at work on better sharing stats, embedded client (or colleague) feedback facilities, scheduled sharing, browser synchronisation and much, much more. Now the Finch app is roughly where we want it to be it’s time to start nailing the features which will make the sharing service itself the best it possibly can.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch; you can email me directly at

Nick Payne

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