We're delighted to announce that after six months Finch is out of beta and paid plans are now available. Our heartfelt thanks goes out to everyone who got in touch during this period; we received great ideas, great feedback, and overwhelming support.

Below are some of the most recent major changes and how they affect our customers:

Plan upgrades

All paid-for plans are available immediately and start from as low as £6 / €8 / $10 for 20 hours' usage each month. All paid plans offer a number of benefits over the free plan including, but not limited to

  • optional password protection;
  • WebSocket forwarding;
  • priority support;
  • the ability to use custom subdomains for your forwards.

Now your sites can be bookmarked, easily shared and quickly typed into phones and tablets! Full details can be found on the plans page.

Free plan changes

First things first: the free plan isn't going anywhere!

We realise that people value the opportunity to try Finch out and providing a free plan is the simplest and fairest way of letting this happen. The only change to the free plan is a reduction in monthly hours from 10 to 5. This will automatically take effect on your next renewal date, unless you upgrade to one of the other plans in the meantime!

Geo-sensitive servers

We're extremely excited to announce the immediate availability of a new server cluster located in the United States.

All forwards were previously routed through our servers in Europe, at times providing a slower experience than we'd ideally like for our non-European customers. From now on all connections will be routed through their closest server. An extra cluster in the heart of the US is a great start, and we're already planning a new cluster to better support users in Asia and Australasia—keep an eye on the blog for updates.

We hope you continue to enjoy using Finch. Rest assured the hard work doesn't stop here; we'll never stop striving to offer the absolute best service possible and we'll never stop listening to your suggestions either. If you've got any we'd love to hear them!

Finch helps web designers and developers test their development sites on multiple devices without the need for lengthy deployments or public staging servers. Registration is free & fast.