Parallax, a digital agency based in Leeds and long-time Finch client recently ran an article detailing how they use Finch as part of their day-to-day workflow when builing web-based projects. It’s interesting to note how even within a single company there are a diverse number of use cases ranging from using it to quickly gather client feedback, to using it to test webhook endpoints and—perhaps most interestingly and certainly unexpectedly—using it as a Geckoboard data source. Parallax have been a keen Finch supporter since the early beta days but even after all this time that’s a new one on us!

Head on over to the Parallax website to read the full article to see the other ways they make use of Finch during their web development process. If you’ve got your own interesting uses you don’t think we’ll have come across before then we’d love to hear about them!

Written by Nick Payne
Founder & Lead Developer

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